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Racoons! (based on "The Kissing Hand")

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Kissing Hand Calendar pieces and monthly headers

Here you will find pattern pieces for your monthly calendar. Teach basic patterning with this abab racoon/heart pattern.

Racoon Days of the Week

Monday through Friday cards with racoons on them!

Kissing Hand graphing and Spinner

Use this spinner to play a graphing game! Print it on cardstock, and laminate. Then, use a pin to poke through the middle of the circle. Place a paperclip on a brad, and put the brad through the hole. Bend the clips from the brad and flick the spinner! If you land on a heart, put a marker in the correct column on the graph!


Kissing Hand clothespin count

Have students count the "kissing hands" on each card and then place a clothespin on the correct number. Place a small heart sticker on the back of the correct number for self checking!

Kissing Hand math mat

Use heart shaped erasers as counters to add to your mat. Roll a die or choose a number from a bag and add the corresponding number of heart erasers to the handprints. Teach one to one correspondence and numeration!

Kissing Hand concentration

Print two copies of this activity, cut out and laminate. Lay the pictures upside down and then flip over two at a time. If you get a match, then you keep the cards!

Kissing Hand Tic Tac Toe

Cut out the game pieces and use them on the grid to play the traditional tic tac toe game!

Kissing Hand number activity

Use heart shaped erasers to line up beside the number on the card. If there is a number 3 next to Chester and his mom, then place 3 hearts in the row beside them!

Roll the Kissing Hand

B&W version

Print the instruction sheet and the game pieces (to save ink, you can cut out a square of blue for the background). Cut out the game pieces and then laminate. Use a die and have children build their creation! Make this into a fun game. Players take turns rolling the die once. If they roll a six, then they add the piece next to the six on the game instruction sheet. If they roll a six again, they miss that turn!

Raccoon adding

Use this activity as a worksheet for your students to practice their adding skills. The second page has manipulatives for your students to cut and paste into the appropriate box. One sheet (page 2) should work for four students.

Roll the Kissing Hand (with pictures of dice instead of numbers)      

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