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Flower Days of the Week Cards

Day of the week cards with fall leaves! Teach seriation, and letter sound correspondence by focusing on the first letter in the week word.

Flower Calendar Pieces

Use these cute flower calendar pieces with an aabc pattern! I have also included a monthly header for May and a blank one for you to add if you choose a different month.

Flower and watering can calendar pieces

These calendar pieces have flowers and watering cans in an aabaac pattern.

Calendar headers for these pieces are here.

Watering Can Tic Tac Toe

Play this game as you would the traditional game. Teach your children strategy and turn taking skill.

Flower Roll and Build

Print both the instruction sheet and the game pieces. Cut out the game pieces and then laminate. Use a die and have children build their creation! Make this into a fun game. Players take turns rolling the die once. If they roll a six, then they add the piece next to the six on the game instruction sheet. If they roll a six again, they miss that turn!

Flowers Clothespin Numbers

Print these pages, and then cut out the boxes. Count the flowers and then put a sticker on the back of the card beneath the correct answer for self checking. Use clothespins to pin on the correct number!


Welcome to my printables site! I will be adding new printables each week for you to enjoy! I hope that you find them useful. Please keep in mind that all graphics in my printables are drawn by me using Appleworks. They are original. You are welcome to use them to make copies for classroom use but do not copy my work directly in any message board or website or similar page on the internet. Feel free to post a link to my site on your own website if you would like to share this material with others! Thank you!